[EuroPython-announce] EuroPython early bird deadline very soon!

Martijn Faassen faassen at infrae.com
Thu Apr 29 18:12:13 EDT 2004

EuroPython news update april 30

EuroPython early bird registration deadline is may 1, next saturday!
After that you pay 60 euros more. Some cheap accomodation also still
available, so if you want to attend, hurry and register now!

EuroPython is the European Python and Zope Conference. This year in
its third edition, we are holding the conference in the beautiful
locale of Göteborg, Sweden. Hundreds of Python users and Zope users
are expected. The conference is from june 7 to june 9.

- The talk submission deadline has now passed. We now have an enormous
   selection of talks and are struggling to fit them all in the
   program. For the list of talks that have already been accepted
   (definitely not yet complete), see here:


   Many well known names in the Python community will be presenting,
   including keynote speaker Guido van Rossum.

   For those interested in Zope, look at the lineup of well-known
   people in the Zope community that are giving talks. It's a "can't
   miss" event in the Zope community!

- Our keynote speakers will be Mark Shuttleworth and Guido van

   Mark Shuttleworth is many things, not least what we think was the
   first Python programmer in space. He is also is the sponsor of the
   schooltool project to develop an open source school administration
   system in Python. More about about him can be found at

   If you don't know who Guido van Rossum is, you really need to come
   to EuroPython to find out and meet him.

More information can be found at http://www.europython.org. Hope to
see you at EuroPython 2004!

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