[EuroPython-announce] EuroPython 2007: Call for Proposals - Deadline Extended!

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Tue May 22 01:29:13 CEST 2007

Due to last minute demand, along with some difficulties experienced by a 
number of people in connection with proposal submission, we have decided to 
extend the submission period until Friday 25th May at midnight (24:00 CEST, 
Central European Summer Time, UTC+2).

An intended side-effect of this extension is that those of you who had 
considered submitting a talk proposal, but could not find the time to do so 
before the previous deadline, now have a few more days to write one and 
submit it for EuroPython. See the original Call for Proposals for information 
about the conference, themes, and other participation details.

Your Contribution

To propose a talk or paper, go to...

    * http://www.europython.org/submit

(Note that you will need to create an Indico account to be able to submit a 
talk. Please set aside a little time for this process!)

For more general information on the conference, please visit...

    * http://www.europython.org/

We look forward to seeing some interesting last-minute submissions!

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