[EuroPython-Announce] EuroPython 2017 Keynote: Jan Willem Tulp

M.-A. Lemburg mal at europython.eu
Mon May 8 11:01:58 EDT 2017

We are pleased to announce our next keynote speaker for
EuroPython 2017:

			 * Jan Willem Tulp *

About Jan Willem Tulp

Jan Willem Tulp is an award winning data experience designer from The
Netherlands. With his one-man company TULP interactive he creates
custom data visualizations.

Jan Willem has created visualizations for organizations such as
Google, Scientific American, Nature, Popular Science, World Economic
Forum, Unicef, Unesco, ESA and Philips.

He speaks regularly at international conferences, and teaches a
workshop on data visualization design. His work has been published in
books and magazines and has been exhibited internationally. He has
been a judge on visualization contests, such as National Science
Foundation vizzies (USA) and Malofiej (Spain).

The Keynote: How to create inspiring data visualizations?

Many times data visualizations need to communicate insights clearly
and effectively. But sometimes the goals of a visualization go beyond
that: they need to inspire and engage people.

   But how do you draw them in? What is the process behind creating a
   creative data visualization?

   During this talk, I will show some of my projects, and explain a
   little about the process behind it.

EuroPython 2017 Team

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