[EuroPython-Announce] EuroPython 2019: Attendee briefing

M.-A. Lemburg mal at europython.eu
Fri Jul 5 15:40:06 EDT 2019

EuroPython 2019 will start on Monday. Again we will have more than
a thousand attendees signed up and we're looking forward to an exciting
conference packed with more than 130 sessions from Monday - Sunday,
July 8 - 14.

Here's a summary of helpful information for all attendees:

1. Picking up your badge using your ticket ID
2. Conference App
3. Twitter handles
4. Social Event / Conference Dinner
5. Self-Organisation and Public Channels
6. Catering on Workshop and Training Days (Monday / Tuesday)
7. Drinking water


1. Picking up your badge using your ticket ID

As in past year, we are again using the ticket ID for badge pickup.
You can find your ticket ID in your account listed under


(on the left next to your tickets)

Please have this ID at hand when picking up your badge.

We are planning to open doors at 08:30 on Monday.

Our regular registration desk hours are : 09:00 - 17:00 from
Tuesday - Friday.


2. Conference App

We have created a dedicated mobile app to support your conference

The mobile app gives you access to the conference schedule (even
offline), helps you in planning your conference experience and
provides a rich social engagement platform for all attendees.

You can create a profile within the app (or link this to your existing
social accounts), share messages and photos, and easily reach out to
other fellow attendees.

Please note: You need to open a new account inside the app, it's not
connected to your EuroPython account. If you have had an account
in previous year, the app should recognize this and you don't have
to set it up again.

Download the Attendify app here:
	search for "EuroPython 2019" and enter the
	code "europython2019" to access the app

For more details have a look at:


3. Social media handles

Our official social media handle is:



4. Social Event

We are organizing a EuroPython Social Event at the FHNW Muttenz:

    on Thursday, 19:00 - 22:30

We serve finger food and cold drinks. We'll also have Python crafted
live music and a DJ for more conventional music.

You need an extra ticket for this event, it's not included in the
conference ticket.

The program and tickets can be found here:


5. Self-Organisation and Public Channels

We have a Telegram group attendees can chat with each other, it's
open for everyone to join:

We have set up a wiki page for attendees to self-organize and give
other attendees helpful tips:
Help on how to use it:

More info on our social channels.


6. Catering on Workshop and Training Days (Monday / Tuesday)

Please note that catering on the Monday and Tuesday is only included
for attendees who have a training or combined ticket.

If you don’t have such a ticket, you can still attend the free
sponsored trainings, the Beginners’ Day and the many PewPew workshops
(remember, each attendee will get a PewPew device for free) on
Monday and Tuesday, but you will either have to pay in cash / with
card at the caterer or arrange food/drinks from the grocery
store at the ground floor. For coffee breaks you can go to the
ground floor, to the 12th floor of the FHNW building, or outside
at the beach bar (nice weather only) and buy drinks.

More information:





7. Drinking water

At the FHNW, you can bring your own water, if you like, and fill
up your bottle at the taps. Drinks are only available during
the coffee breaks and lunch.

At the CCB, we will have water dispensers throughout the day,
so you can bring your bottle and fill it up as needed.

If you have questions, please contact our helpdesk at europython.eu.
Replies to this email will not be read.

Dates and Venues

EuroPython will be held from July 8-14 2019 in Basel, Switzerland, at
the Congress Center Basel (CCB) for the main conference days (Wed-Fri)
and the FHNW Muttenz for the workshops/trainings/sprints days
(Mon-Tue, Sat-Sun).

The schedule is available at:


Tickets can be purchased on our registration page:


For more details, please have a look at our website and the FAQ:


Help spread the word

Please help us spread this message by sharing it on your social
networks as widely as possible. Thank you !

Link to the blog post:




EuroPython 2019 Team

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