[EuroPython-Announce] EuroPython 2020: Call for Proposals now open

M.-A. Lemburg mal at europython.eu
Mon Mar 9 08:44:52 EDT 2020

We have opened the Call for Proposals today. It will be left open for
three weeks and then close on:

		    Sunday, March 29 23:59:59 CEST

In order to submit a proposal, please log in to the site (or create an
account first) and then proceed to the CFP page:

	 * https://ep2020.europython.eu/call-for-proposals/ *

We’re looking for proposals on every aspect of Python: all levels of
programming from novice to advanced, applications, frameworks, data
science, Python projects, internals or topics which you’re excited
about, your experiences with Python and its ecosystem, creative or
artistic things you’ve done with Python, to name a few.

EuroPython is a community conference and we are eager to hear about
your use of Python.

Since feedback shows that our audience is very interested in advanced
topics, we’d appreciate more entries in this category for EuroPython

Please help spread word about Call for Proposals to anyone who might
be interested. Thanks.

Help spread the word

Please help us spread this message by sharing it on your social
networks as widely as possible. Thank you !

Link to the blog post:




EuroPython 2020 Team

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