[EuroPython-Announce] EuroPython 2020: Second call for proposals (CFP) - Going global

M.-A. Lemburg mal at europython.eu
Fri May 8 10:57:05 EDT 2020

After participating in several other online events in Europe, we found
that there is a lot of interest in these events from other time zones
as well. This is a real advantage of running an online event: without
the need to travel, joining an event becomes much easier.

		  * EuroPython 2020 Online 2nd CFP *


To make it possible for speakers from the Americas and
India/Asia/Pacific regions to give talks at EuroPython 2020 as well,
we have decided to extend the schedule and provide extra slots in the
CEST morning and the evening hours, so that we can have almost 80 talk
slots available, and run a second CFP with specific emphasis on
submissions from outside the central European time zones.

Submitting a talk

We will run this second CFP from May 11 until May 24.

To submit a talk, please visit our CFP page on the website. This has
all the necessary details on how to submit a talk.

We would also welcome submissions for helpdesks and posters,
regardless of time zone, since we haven’t received any in the first

Results from the first CFP

The results from the first CFP will be announced on Sunday (May 10).

Help spread the word

Please help us spread this message by sharing it on your social
networks as widely as possible. Thank you !

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EuroPython 2020 Team

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