[EuroPython] Vote on the date

Tom Deprez tom.deprez@village.uunet.be
Sat, 1 Dec 2001 13:09:56 +0100

> Hi there folks,
> Could you all please reply to the list and give your vote (and assorted
> opinions on which time would be the best for the conference, including
> possible other suggestions?)
> Some context first:
>   * needs to be held summer 2002

Why does it have to be in the summer? I don't understand this. Lot's of
people are on vacation then, so I don't know why it has to be in the summer

The best timeperiod would be April, May. But this is too soon or it should
be hold in 2003 (which is too late)
Now, I'm more thinking on September. But that's of course my idea... I still
don't see the point why it *has* always to be in the summer...

>   * Try to avoid overlap with other events; LinuxTag is 6-9 june,
>     LSM is (tue 9 - thurs 11 july, any others?

Of course. We don't want to have overlaps

> Now for some dates:
>   * wed 26 - fri 28 june

If it has to be one of these 'summer' periods, then june is better...