[EuroPython] Python tracks/topics

Marc Poinot Marc.Poinot@onera.fr
Mon, 11 Feb 2002 09:42:26 +0100

> In summary we now have the following tracks:
> 1. Python and Jython
> 2. Zope
> 3. Web Services
> 4. Python in the Real World

Again, you're all focusing on web/internet... But it's funny you
wrote point 4 was the real world, i.e. everything else but web :)
Java, Zope, web... all these are, of course, very important for some
bussiness today. I should say, I has been ?
Most of the people I know are using Python in the scientific world.
I always present Python as a gluing and/or prototyping langage, and
you can see with Numerical Python or other scientific modules, there
is a not-internet-related Python community.
As a matter of fact, this community is less fluent with web-things,
mailing lits, dedicated web site, etc...
This morning I saw a yet-another-module-for-MPI announce.

I propose some scientific related Python use, but I must admit this will
imply I'll have to fill the topic with some presentations...

David Ascher ? Konrad Hinsen ? Paul Dubois ? could brightly open
such a topic. Then we can have about 5/10 papers of scientific
users in Europe (At least German (DLR) and French aerospace industry ;)

I also propose something related with internationalisation, experts are
very close to us and it's worth being mentioned that Python is ready for

Then the last topic I would suggest is DBMS-related topics. You think web
is the most important because every company has a web... but there often
are more than one database in every company. And there probably is one
DBMS behind every web. As far as I remember, C. Tismer has worked on DBMS
for one of its customer ? Maybe he could be the topic benevolvs-dictarvr ?

See Python home site topics, these main topics already are there.

> 1. Python and Jython
> 2. Zope
> 3. Web Services
  4. Python for scientific World (and Galactic if possible)
  5. Databases on earth and Python 

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