[EuroPython] Python tracks/topics

Marc Poinot Marc.Poinot@onera.fr
Mon, 11 Feb 2002 10:16:47 +0100

Dinu Gherman wrote:
> Marc Poinot <Marc.Poinot@onera.fr>:
> > Most of the people I know are using Python in the scientific world.
> Deformation professionelle... ;-)
> > I always present Python as a gluing and/or prototyping langage, and
> > you can see with Numerical Python or other scientific modules, there
> > is a not-internet-related Python community.
> > As a matter of fact, this community is less fluent with web-things,
> > mailing lits, dedicated web site, etc...
> > This morning I saw a yet-another-module-for-MPI announce.
> I fully agree and would also appreciate some "more serious"
> content, that is less likely to be de-hyped within a year into
> meaninglessness... I'll ask some folks at the Institut Pasteur
> right away if they can share some of their Python experience.
> Also, please think of Michel Sanner who was also present in
> Long Beach, CA... Marc, would you mind contacting him?
> Regards,
> Dinu
I don't know Michel Sanner. I've seen he's using a molecular
package, just what Konrad was developping at first. But I can
contact him if I know what's going on for invited speakers.

I certainly cannot say to a speaker "come" if I don't know what
are the arrangments with organization. Is there some money to
make people come ? Who's defining priorities ? Who's holding
the pen to say yes/no ?

Marcvs [alias Hum... well, a pen cannot speak, I'm wrong, I would
        have writen "who's holding the penguin..."]