[EuroPython] Aarggh...

Martijn Faassen faassen@vet.uu.nl
Tue, 12 Feb 2002 01:23:33 +0100

Joseph Santaniello wrote:
> What is the "protocol" for responsible wiki editing? I don't want to go 
> messing anything up for someone.

No protocol yet. I could probably add all sorts of logins and security
stuff with sufficient work, but I think we'd better run with the 
flexibility and take the occasional lossage. It's possible to use
Zope's undo if something really important got lost, too. Just contact
me, Denis or Tom about it in that case.

We do have the creator of the MoinMoin wiki on this list, though. We 
may eventually want to consider using that one instead, it may have a
few useful features (ZWiki generally has a 'some assembly required' feel
to it..).