[EuroPython] send out press release

Nicolas Pettiaux nicolas.pettiaux@openbe.org
Wed, 13 Feb 2002 00:13:15 +0100

Sorry MAL. I do not want this point  to become a difference between us.

> > > It is understood by me that free software and open source software =
> > > basically two different ways to name the same kind of software, but
> > > that people strongly disagree on the best word to use.

This is also the way for me, but only that I recently realised that, in m=
situation, it just depends on the public.

For me free software relates to values and open source to pragmatism.=20

AS the first is more important for me than the latter, I tend more and mo=
to speak about free software, but I do use the other word with people who=
have other evaluation (especially in a business environement)

> > I would suggest we delay such wars until after the conference...

OK I won't come with the point anymore.

> Me too. Hence "free and open source software".

Agree. THis formulation if good for me.


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