[EuroPython] Free/Open source issue

Martijn Faassen faassen@vet.uu.nl
Wed, 13 Feb 2002 16:55:03 +0100

Hi there,

The free versus open source issue keeps cropping up. I'd like to soon make
a decision on this (speaking for the General Committee :) so we can get
rid of the distraction once and for all.

I've however been unable to find the phrase where some people want to
say 'free/open source' and others don't. Which document are we talking
about and which line?

We want to avoid offending too many people (but I don't particularly care about
offending RMS or ESR :), and as Laura suggested, avoid the confusion that
may arise from people who think free/open source means 'not useful in 
a real business situation' and will then automatically stay away before
we even get a chance at evangelizing them about this.

While most of us have a background of supporting free and/or open source
software, I'd also like to avoid giving the impression we restrict all this
to such supporters only. I'd like this conference to welcome everybody that
is interested in Zope and Python, even if they're, say, Microsoft themselves.
Those who want to evangelize will then get the opportunity to actually
preach to the non-converted, so that's beneficial to everybody. :)

I myself use both vi and emacs. Analogously, I can pose as an open source
pragmatist and as a free software advocate equally. :)

Note: let's not start a whole debate about this issue, as that's what
I'm trying to avoid. I'm just asking for input on what lines in which
documents people are having debates about, so that we can quickly reach
a conclusion. If you feel like debating please send me private mail and
don't cc to the list. :)