[EuroPython] A talk about Stackless?

Christian Tismer tismer@tismer.com
Wed, 13 Feb 2002 19:55:09 +0100

Martijn Faassen wrote:

> Christian Tismer wrote:
> [snip form and shape of the talk]
>>Hmm, I'm quite undecided. I'd like to explain how this new
>>version works, in contrast to the old one (just short).
>>One of the biggest advantages of this new thing is that
>>it is really explainable, since it is so simple and orthogonal
>>to Python's innards.
>>At the same time, I'd want to present it in an interactive
>>session, show some coroutines talking to each others, let
>>uthreads run in parallel, and show that this works even
>>from C extension code.
>>Maybe there could be a discussion like at Spam 9, maybe
>>with Guido if he likes to.
> Interactive session it should be then. We need to work out some
> infrastructure for this type of thing. Though a laptop with overhead
> projector will already get us a long way. Added a note to the wiki. 
>>You know that I'm playing asembly tricks.
>>But there is also something funny, which we found out when
>>I visited Jean_Claude Wippler last week:
> Someone else else we really need to contact. :)

For sure. He has improved his Metakit quite much, and I
wrote a C interface generator for static structured databases
which makes it very easy to use MK with C.
Well, not Python related.
JC also wrote a proof of concept impl of stackless Tcl, and
it really works (not growing the Stack).
Well, again not Python.
What he might want to show is the MK SQL interface that
Gordon McMillan has written for MK?
Anyway, try to get him out of his snale house.

ciao - chris

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