[EuroPython] Exhibitors at the EuroPython Conference

Martijn Faassen faassen@vet.uu.nl
Thu, 14 Feb 2002 20:00:09 +0100

Nicolas Chauvat wrote:
> > Perhaps that exhibitors could contact me directly, asking what they
> > would like to have as free area, conveniences, etc.
> AS a potential exhibitor, I'd say "Small is beautiful". We would mainly
> use a booth to let people that say "Hey, I'd like to eventually meet these
> guys" actually find us and have a display with slides presenting what
> we're doing. That's one table and two chairs.

I agree we should go small. A table, or alternatively a poster with some
details about the company or their technology. A person would be standing
there explaining their technology.

We do need to decide whether these stands would be permanent or only
manned at special times where people get the opportunity to check 'm out.
If they can be in a main 'thoroughfare' where many attendees are likely
to pass frequently that'd be nice. If that is not possible, we should
create special sessions so that the attendees can go and visit the