[EuroPython] YAPC experiences (forwarded)

Martijn Faassen faassen@vet.uu.nl
Fri, 15 Feb 2002 02:27:05 +0100

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Hi there,

I find the attached interesting for consideration of the EuroPython
group (it was posted to the python conferences list, which was newly
opened and seems to be catering to a largely North American audience
for Python conferences so far.)

Anyway, the YAPC approach seems to be quite similar to our own, so
we may learn something there.



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On Thu, Feb 14, 2002 at 10:23:37AM -0800, Aahz Maruch wrote:
> My take is that what we're seeing is the result of consensus that we
> want something kind of like YAPC, and we're treading water while we wait
> for Guido to tell us what YAS wants from us to get moving.

Speaking with my YAS hat on...

YAPC has always been a self-organizing event.  That's the way we created
it, that's the way we wanted it, that's the way it's worked for us.
Furthermore, the model has been repeatedly successful -- at least for
our community, filling our expectations and suiting our needs.

The recipe is actually quite simple:

	Assume you'll get enough content.  (Hasn't been a problem so far)
	Find a venue that provides:
		enough room for the attendees
		enough room for all of the concurrent tracks
		basic power, projector, etc.
	Add catering
		beverages and such at break
		lunch (or proximity to lunch)
		dinner (or proximity to dinner)
	Handle lodging, transportation, etc.
		proximity to hotels, group discounts if possible
		should be close to typical transit hubs
	Add frills
		802.11b conference area network
		tote bags / lanyards / swag / etc.

These issues need to be tackled in pretty much this order.  I
neglected to mention budgetary issues.  Part of that is because
the low-cost aspect of YAPC is an integral part to how we define
it; sponsorship has been a fundemental aspect of any YAPC, with
sponsors providing the funds for proceedings, some of the catering, etc.

How do we choose a location?  Simple:

	A host committee puts together a rough proposal that covers
	the basic requirements (venue, catering, lodging, etc.)

	The best proposal is chosen

	The site is announced

For YAPC, the selection of "best proposal" incorporates total cost for
the event, cost to the attendee, and proximity to dorms/cheap student
lodging.  Location is a factor in that we want to bring Perl events to
those who can't get to California easily/cheaply for OSCON.  We also
want to keep the conference cost at or below US$100 for a three day event.

Now, with all of that out of the way, what does YAS want?  First
off, we're not offering to take over the role of conference organizer
(i.e. Fortec); we're more interested in community building.  If
the Python community wants to organize a conference (YAPC like or
otherwise), we're happy to fill the role of facilitator and bring
our experience to the table[*].  Most of the work would need
to be done on a volunteer basis though -- the program committee,
editing and formatting of the proceedings (if produced), the
registration table, liasons with the host facility, etc.

But what does YAS need in order to help put a Python event together?

The first and most important thing all of us need (Pythonistas and YAS)
is a clear idea of the expectations and requirements for this conference.

	If Pythonistas are used to paying upwards of $1000 in
	conference fees, is $250/3 days acceptable, or is the goal
	to meet the YAS model of $100/3 days?

	What are the expectations in terms of the number concurrent tracks?
	Number of presentations?  Number of tutorials?

	How important is low-cost student accomodation?

	Is there a good time of year, or is facility availability
	a driving factor?

	Can someone use their contacts at a university?  Do they want
	to volunteer as a liason?  Do they want to make an introduction?

	Is this the One and Only International Python Conference,
	or is this a small regional conference?  Are both

	How does this fit into plans for Python/Zope tracks at the
	O'Reilly conference?

Just a few ideas to chew on,


*: YAS has done registration for YAPCs in the past.  No reason why
   this couldn't be done for a Python conference as well.

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