[EuroPython] government money, socialism et al.

Nicolas Pettiaux nicolas.pettiaux@ael.be
Fri, 15 Feb 2002 06:48:54 +0100

Le Vendredi 15 F=E9vrier 2002 02:55, Martijn Faassen a =E9crit :
> Laura Creighton wrote:
> > > Martijn Faassen
> > >
> > > This all fits in with my theory that we can offend RMS freely if we
> > > like. Now only if we could fit in the word 'communism' in there
> > > somewhere to really offend ESR.. Perhaps 'socialism' will do. :)
> >
> > I am organising a plan to Get Government Money.  (if I can figure out
> > how to make a new Wiki Page). =20

very good idea. I have some contacts at the EU and besides I am in Brusse=
We could coordinate this (publically through the list) and exchange the=20
contacts (privately with the SponsorTeam)=20

As I am ICT manager in a large administration, implied in some EU finance=
projects, I plan to also try and get some money from there.

> That should be good enough.  Now that
> > we have offended everybody, we had better do something to be inclusiv=
> > again.

> Oh, right, I'd forgotten about the evil socialist government money!

Yes, please let us remember that !

> Besides, Denis told us that the socialists are the main party in power =
> Charleroi, and they're sponsoring the venue already. Okay, we've got
> ESR fully covered! (though he may say all the tax money we can
> get back from the evil government is only good for everybody, but
> that's a cop-out :)

Just a note about something everyone doesn't knwo in the list:

there is an REALLY increasing perception within the Belgian Socialist par=
that free software (and they insist on the freedom side they understand ,=
caring about open source pragmatic approach they do not understand becaus=
they are not in the IT field) is good for education and public=20

This, as far as I understood, was the key selling factor Denis used to ge=
the CEME place and the whole committement by the city of Charleroi.

I am afraid that should we forget that, would they not be pleased.

For example, some people in the city of Charleroi are considering to star=
t a=20
specific education program about free software, in order to educate peopl=
and put them back to work in the IT field through free software.

THis does NOT mean that accepting any OSI licence is not good for us (not=
everyone is as consciuous as the socialists) but it is needed to know I=20

> Regards,
> Martijn
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