[EuroPython] government money, socialism et al.

Laura Creighton lac@strakt.com
Fri, 15 Feb 2002 15:25:28 +0100

Do we want to call it the 'Python in Government and Business' Track then?

When I was at the OReilly Open Source Convention in the USA 2 years ago,
I met many Germans who were very happy that the German government had
passed some law that required the government to use Open Source 
Solutions when available.  Can I see some relevant documents about this
and how it has worked out?  German is ok, but I would really like some
Swedish English or French ones if you have any.  It would make a 
great business talk.

The way you get a great business track is to figure out what you want
to have said, and then commission the papers from the people who would
say this best.  Of course you have an open submitted process, and you
will get a few real astonishing wonders that nobody thought of.  This
is gravy.  It is _not_ like a scientific conference, where you never
know what you are going to get because it depends on what people are
willing to submit.  (Actually sometimes you commission papers for them
as well, but let's not discuss _this_ here and now.)  Free
accomodation and conference entry is all we can offer, correct?