[EuroPython] Budget, Sponsoring and

Andrew Smart Andrew.Smart@smart-knowhow.de
Sat, 16 Feb 2002 08:41:20 +0100

Hmmm.... thinking about budget:

>From my student times I know that one can raise more money if you go around
and say "please" to as many companies as possible. I've not done this
myself... I was surprised to see the amount of money, spend without any
"logos", posters or so. Ok, it's dot-com-down-time now...

Aren't there any webrings of python / zope users?

I can offer sponsoring support for germany: my assistant can call companies,
which officially use python and/or zope, and ask them very politly (we shut
down your zope server remotly if not ;-) for a contribution.

We have to find out this companies before, of course. And we have to make
clear that the python conference is a nonprofit organisation, and the money
is for the costs and for the students.