[EuroPython] Public Relations & Monty Python

Andrew Smart Andrew.Smart@smart-knowhow.de
Sat, 16 Feb 2002 09:42:40 +0100

Hmm... thinking about public relations and press...

what about to contact someone from Monty Python and ask them if they support
the EPC? And if so, maybe someone wants to come and see the neerds? And
maybe, maybe someone would have fun to make an sketch?

Besides the fun it would draw more attentions from the press "mysterical
group of neerds invent with support of Monty Python a way to talk to
directly to fanged rabbits via computers, your honor" :)

Also we should inform our fellow humor pythoniasts (people, sites) about our

Are there any contacts to Monty Python already?

Ok, one way to scare the business people *laugh* , but one should not forget
our roots...