AW: [EuroPython] Conference title (Press Release German finished)

Andrew Smart
Sat, 16 Feb 2002 16:53:34 +0100


are we going to have a war about the conference title? :-)

Who's going to enlist me and what money/advantages do I get for doing so?

We should not forget that beehieve is organizing the Zope BBQ in April, and
they changed their planning so that there is no conflict between both
events. As I understood it, the Zope BBQ ist Z*O*P*E only, and since there
also many EuroZope people attending it's also a sort of europa-wide event.
At least as I understood it.

As well I understand the wish to draw as many people as possible, including
as many ZOPEists as possible.

If I compare the keynote-speakers (Zope BBQ: Jim Fulton, Python: Guido) I
would say the EPC is a Python event, and Zope is well enough represented
throu the subtitle, the tracks and the press release.

IMHO, we should focus more on getting valueable press, announcements in
mailing lists, links/stories on the front pages of popular web sites to draw
people instead of discussing the title of the conference.

Hups, I did it... I have choosen my side *grin*