[EuroPython] Press Release German finished

Martijn Faassen faassen@vet.uu.nl
Sun, 17 Feb 2002 00:12:28 +0100

M.-A. Lemburg wrote:
> I can understand that Zopers would like to see Zope in the
> title, but the same is probably true for users of many other 
> Python applications, such as for example Webware. By making 
> Python more prominent, the benefits we achieve reach out to 
> all Python applications equally.

>From the start, the goal was to make Python more prominent. We succeeded;
many people here are from the Python community only, and don't particularly
care about Zope, and want to remove it from the long name of the

Zope use in Europe is a *lot* bigger and more organized than
say, Webware use. From the start core members of the European Zope
community have been involved in the organization of this conference --
the whole thing *started* in the Zope community. We're going to have
a EuroZope Foundation member's meeting as well. I expect a significant
proportion of the people showing up will show up primarily because of 

To attract Zope users, we want to say "__Python__ (and Zope)". I think
we're saying Python loudly enough, and we should now be careful we don't
completely get rid of the "(and Zope)" part. We're already calling the
thing EuroPython, call our website www.europython.org, our mailinglist
is called europython@python.org. The long name of the conference 
is "European Python and Zope conference 2002".

So, do we really think we're going to scare away Python-only users with
that title? I think we might scare away some Zope users if we make
it less prominent. And lose a valuable opportunity to evangelize the
wider world of Python to them, with which sometimes they're not very
familiar. Plus we'll simply get fewer people showing up. :)

That said, of course not everything hinges on the title, and we could
alter the title not to have Zope and have a subtitle which does, even
though we can't use the one proposed here (first major..).