[EuroPython] Bank account [Was: government money, socialism et al.]

Denis spirou@colnet.carolo.net
Mon, 18 Feb 2002 03:32:20 +0100

Le Sun, Feb 17, 2002 at 07:12:13PM +0100, Joachim Schmitz pianota:
> I want to offer the help of EuroZope e.V. here. We have the logistics 
> already setup for this purpose.

Thanks, President, if you can accept Visa/AnyOther card payments, this
could help, indeed.

I also proposed (during the December meeting) to use P3B bank account.
The first advantage I see is that I've access to it, and, as local
contact, I could have to pay things before the conference happens.
I can guarantee full view on the bank statements, we've nothing to hide.
(Should I insist on the fact that P3B is a non-profit org. ?)

So, if Joachim (well, I mean EuroZope) can receive the money and send
it on P3B bank account, this could be the easiest way for the moment.

Now, if many of you think it would be better to create a europython
organization before the event, and a own EuroPython bank account, it's
possible too. Though, I think it would take more time than we can spend.


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