[EuroPython] Maybe, The Euro Python Layout...

Xavier Defrang xavier@defrang.com
Tue, 19 Feb 2002 10:02:36 +0100

vincent wrote:

> What do you think about ???

I'm not "officialy" a web designer but I'm really concerned with design
and usability issues so here are my remarks, don't get offended...
design is often a matter of taste... I hope you'll take this as
constructive remarks.

First of all, i'd remove that splashscreen : it's completely useless and
definetly look unprofessional (such a design would suit more a
hacking/cracking conference! ;))

The logo is way too complex.  How do you think it will look if you print
it out on badges, t-shirts or whatever?  What about reusing that cute
little Python icon bundled with the Python distribution
and just add a european symbol (flag?) on it?

IMHO the design is also bloated with images, there are too many of
them... A nearly pure text site would be better for a tech audience. 
Have a look at Python10.org, I won't say it's got a perfect design but
it's light and you've got all the information one click away.  I'm
afraid you designed the layout of the site before having the structure
of the site clearly defined...

Btw, what happened to the lovely lightweight layout i saw on, the list a
few days ago?
This layout was more likely to bring in more suits with pockets full of
shiny bucks to be spent in Python/Zope consulting. ;)

no-i-am-not-jakob-nielsen'ly yours,

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