[EuroPython] Budget Questions / Europython Conf Organisation

Laura Creighton lac@strakt.com
Tue, 19 Feb 2002 15:48:58 +0100

> Nicolas Chauvat wrote:
> > That would be SARL and SA in France. That's for companies, with customers,
> > staff on the payroll, etc. I'm not sure that it is what we are looking
> > for. Or is it ?
> Nope, I don't think so either. We want a non-profit organization. When
> Joachim Schmitz looked into this for EuroZope, he could find no
> europe-wide organizational structure but found out that (say) a German
> foundation would work fine too for this type of purpose.
> If nobody know better (that there is a European style foundation), then
> we'll have to base it in a country somewhere. Could be Sweden though
> perhaps a euro-land country may be a trifle easier if people need to
> pay money to it. Could basically be anywhere in Europe, as far as I'm
> aware. But then I'm not very aware beyond this. :)

You can stuff Euros into our banks.  We understand what to do with them.
Its getting Euros out, the paper, that is a problem, if that matters.
Postgiro is good for all of Europe.

> So:
>   * there is no European-wide Foundation as a possibility, right?

Not that I can figure.  We have to be under some jurisdiction

>   * if not, any special reasons to base it in a particular European country,
>     or *not* any particular European country?
>   * any other important points? :)

If we do not pay any salaries, then we do not have to register the
Society with the Swedish government, so we are not liable for taxes.
This is important.  Figure out the tax consequences of other alternatives.

> Martijn

Laura Creighton