[EuroPython] Re: [EuroPython] I asked Jacob Hall?n how long it would take to make a non profit society in Sweden.

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Tue, 19 Feb 2002 21:29:23 +0100

Andy Robinson wrote:
> > That said, one main question remains as to what we're
> > actually founding:
> >
> >   * an organization dedicated to the organization of EuroPython
> >     *conferences*
> >
> >   * a more general organization about Python in Europe that
> > happens to
> >     also organize conferences; i.e. a EuroPython Foundation.
> >
> I think there are good grounds for having the second, one day.

One day, yes, but for the current conference, we'll need
just any kind of (possibly short-lived) organization. And
we need it fast :-/

BTW, the PSF will possibly reach out to Europe as well. That move
will have to be well though over though, since we will probably
need one non-profit foundation at the top with country-based
ones underneath (in order to get the non-profit benefits in all

> BTW, I know a team at a large consulting firm who regularly apply
> for and get large EU research grants.  They put together some
> academics, some developers and some vague requirements from the EU,
> and initiate and manage large projects.  What prevented ReportLab
> being involved so far was that they need "partners" who are
> (a) European and (b) non-profit.  If such a foundation existed, there
> is a good chance it could be a partner in such projects and used
> to get some money and even employ Python developers one day.
> IF things are looking suitably non-chaotic nearer the time,
> I will try to get the relevant firm to attend the conference.
> They nearly made it to LSM last year, but the lack of a business
> focus turned them off at the last moment.

Sounds like a good contact :-)

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