AW: [EuroPython] BudgetTeam: Europython Conf Organisation

Andrew Smart
Tue, 19 Feb 2002 20:29:01 +0100

Hmm... to summarize the replies:

I think we all agree that the Conference Organisation has to be some sort of

There are known ways to form a society (in Germany it's even a bit more
simple... if 2 people agree to do something together it's already some sort
of society called GbR. No forms, no written statement...), but till now we
know nothing about a equivalent in Belgium.

Question I: where do we found the society? Belgium? France? Germany? Sweden?

(Please vote; you have a vote for the quality of the singing, one vote for
the permformance of the artist and one vote how closly the artist resemble
one randomly choosen spectator; your vote ranges from 1 to 10 :-)  The last
"country" wins because for the sun... ;-)

Question II: what is pragramtic and practical?
- where will the most money spent? -> probably Belgium
- where will the most money contributed? -> different countries?

Question III: are there known non-profit societies which have limited
liabilities? Usual the easy-formed societies split the risc of debts to the
members of the society. In Germany a creditor can choose any member of a
society to pay the _full_ debt...

Question IV: who will found the society in given country? -> we have to get
a count of willing people in each country to see if we have enough.
Citizenship restrictions may apply...