[EuroPython] Intro / EUROPYTHON LOGO 2nd

dagmar kolb de dagmar.kolb@just-ad.de
Wed, 20 Feb 2002 00:32:37 +0100

Hi everybody,

may I introduce myself first? My name is Dagmar (dago) Kolb. I am
graphic designer *signature below*, knowing  Andrew Smart for quite a
while :-)) That is how I stumbled somehow into this python thing *gg* 

Anyway, nice to be on this list since today. You got the first layouts
for the logo and here is the second version. Thanks a lot for your
feedback, Marc Balmer, Nicolas Chauvat and Michael Hudson. Look at the
new ones, you will like them :-)

Sorry, but again I got a mail that I have to wait till the listmaster
approves my mail with the attachment. Still too big, though I allready
splitted it...

Thanks for your patience, this is text only.
JUST AD. Einfach werben. 
Grafik  Photographie  PR  Webdesign
Dipl.-Designerin Dagmar Kolb  mobil 0170.86 57 346
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