AW: [EuroPython] BudgetTeam: Europython Conf Organisation

M.-A. Lemburg
Wed, 20 Feb 2002 09:39:27 +0100

Andrew Smart wrote:
> Hmm... to summarize the replies:
> I think we all agree that the Conference Organisation has to be some sort of
> non-profit-society.

While it's desirable to form a non-profit organization, we
don't have the time for this. In order to become non-profit, one
usually has to go through a few hoops to get the official

More important than the non-profit status is IMHO that the
people who will run the conference are legal part of the
association and that the aim of that organization is
somehow set in stone with a focus on the conference.
A close binding to the city of Charleroi would probably
be a good idea, if that's possible.

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