[EuroPython] Budget Team: PathToFollow, Bank Account, Credit Cards, CEO

Andrew Smart Andrew.Smart@smart-knowhow.de
Wed, 20 Feb 2002 10:01:47 +0100


after some thinking I would suggest the following path:

- get more informations about EWIV's
  parallel: get more informations about non-profit-organisations in Belgium

- decision what type of association to found, and where to found
  => if we have willing people in Belgium / Chareloi then we should found in
     if not: take the country where such people exist

After the decision:

- We need a sort of "CEO" for the association which has primary access to
bank account
  and has the right to sign contracts and so on.

=> Who is willing to join the association?

=> Who is willing to be "CEO"?

=> Who is willing to support the "paper-work"?

"Let the cash flow":
I think, the easiest way to _get_ the money (contributions) is to use credit
It's a bit expensive (i think around 4% commission) but most of the people /
companies can pay with CC.
Everyone else has to send checkes or has to transfer the money via wire.

=> we need people with experience with credit card payments?

=> maybe we can use an existing e-shop/cc contract (EuroZope e.V.?) which
"sells" contributions?

If we have a bank account, then we should get EC Cards with PIN for the
people who have to use cash or have to make direct payments in shops. These
EC Cards works almost everywhere in Europe. Additionally the bank account
should have some sort of electronic banking (best browser-based) and the
(choosen?) members of the society have the right to look into the bank
account and the transactions. But not everbody should have the ability to
make transactions, though.