AW: [EuroPython] European Python Conference Organisation

M.-A. Lemburg
Wed, 20 Feb 2002 10:42:44 +0100

Andrew Smart wrote:
> > Marc-Andre Lemburg:
> > Thanks for the research. However, the problem with this form is
> > that only entrepreneurs can be members of such an association.
> > It is not open to people who don't run a business of some sort.
> As to my knowledge every natural person can be member of a EWIV. All need
> that you have some sort of economic activity, and organisation of a
> conference counts as one. 

I have my doubts here, since the definition of economic activity
usually includes making profit. Reading the document, it seems that
the main aim was to raise cooperations between companies to a
EU level.

> As I have written there are existing
> non-profit-EWIV's.

This is no contractdiction to the members being profit oriented,

Let's hope I am wrong since this form of organization does indeed
look very promising to what we have in mind.

Does anybody have contacts to one of those non-profit EWIVs ? 

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