[EuroPython] Calling Web and Design teams

Martijn Faassen faassen@vet.uu.nl
Wed, 20 Feb 2002 11:29:04 +0100

Tom Deprez wrote:
> > What we basically need is someone to take the lead on this, and who will
> make sure everybody is coordinated. They need to nag everybody
> > and keep track of the status and things that are still missing, and try to
> push through some sort of vision.
> >
> > Is anyone willing to step forward as one? Tom?
> Well, I've seen far better designs than I can do myself, so I think I better
> leave the design to the people with the experience and just work on some
> technical parts of the web, which I was doing in the first place. But I find
> it hard to seperate it completely with design stuff :-).
> So,  perhaps it's better to let somebody of the design persons co?rdinate
> the web design stuff. If nobody wants to take up, then I might step forward,
> not that I will be able to bring good input.

It isn't just about design (though coordination is needed there too), but
the entire technical and infrastructural aspects of the website as well.
For instance, the DNS of www.europython.org still hasn't changed to point
to the right server, and we're still dealing with redirects, I think.
So the in-charge person would do the nagging. On the design issue, the
in-charge person would say what designs are good, what needs to be better,
keep track of the goals, and get the right people (like the several people
we have designing logos so far!) to get in touch with each other.

Does anyone feel ready to take care of all of this? It'd take a load off
my back, as now it's just rather completely unfocused with parallel 
activities! And don't worry, I'll still nag the web design and design
groups whenever I get worried about something. :) By the way, if web 
and design teams are not the right split, then this mythical leader
should just change it all around according to his or her own insights.

> So far, I know of 2 webdesigners working on EuroPython (If I forget someone,
> please let me know):
> dagmar.kolb@just-ad.de
> mvm@brutele.be
> Perhaps it's good if the web-designers talk to each other and share their
> ideas?

Yes, that kind of common-sense idea is exactly what we need. :)