[EuroPython] Calling Web and Design teams

Tom Deprez tom.deprez@village.uunet.be
Wed, 20 Feb 2002 11:57:49 +0100

Hi Olivier,

>If you want to go faster and If you like the http://europython.p3b.org
layout. I can give access to Tom for example or export the whole site. I'm
>not talking about colors or logos here but the general layout like tables
and the place of things on the page.
>The site is nearly exactly following the conventions that Tom talked about
a few lines above. With the exception that I'm not using structured text.

Yes, it would be nice to snip some code :-)
But, If I read correctly, you are using DTML? I'm thinking on using ZPT and
STX (since all the wiki content is written in STX), but this doesn't mean we
can't use code from the P3B site.

>  From that, we can define some navigational methods, add search,
breadcrumbs, etc...
> I have top and bottom breadcrumbs, a print method but no search
> I also have a simple css style sheet.

Nice, If we could use this one, then we can easily update the site when the
final CSS is ready

>Each page (Folder) can have two or three (default) columns. It depends on a
Folder attibute.
>Each navigation table (on the left) is a DTML method which lies in a Folder
called 'navig'. And each news table (on the right) is an instance of a
>product of our own. The product is very beta but a DTML method can do the
same. A News Entry has some attibutes: an author, a expiration date, an
>expired boolean, a news summary, a creation date and a format (html or
structured text). A news entry can also be 'not visible', 'visible if
>authenticated' (for testing) or 'validated'.

>Just tell me if you are interested.

We are :-)


Olivier Laurent
P3B : Club Python(-Zope) Belge --------- http://www.p3b.org
OS3B : Club Open-Software(-Linux) Carolo http://www.os3b.org
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