[EuroPython] Forming a Europython Conference Organization

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Wed, 20 Feb 2002 14:47:34 +0100

Let's sum up what the requirements are:

* We need the legal entity ASAP (within one month !)

* If possible, it should be a non-profit organization

  We may have to be careful here, since the Charleroi
  city is funding part of the venue, so it may require
  that the organization has the non-profit status in
  Belgium (I'm not sure whether they could give money
  or other goods to an e.g. German or Swedish non-profit

  The bylaws will have to be adapted accordingly.

* We'll need a membership structure of the organization.

  I'd suggest to make Martijn Faassen the president
  form the board out of the various people responsible
  for important tasks w/r the conference (budget, local
  authorities, legal counsil, web-site, etc.).
  All other conference team members should be permissable
  as members.

* The org will have to setup a bank account quickly,
  so that a budget can be planned and managed. Sources
  of income are:
  - attendence fees
  - sponsor fees
  - exhibitor fees
  - donations

Anything else ?

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