[EuroPython] Suits v techies

Tim Couper tim@2wave.net
Thu, 21 Feb 2002 08:26:21 +0000 (GMT)

In the earlier helpful discussions about "suits"
coming or not coming, whether the conference is or is
not a "techie" conference, I think it's important to
realise that these two classes (Suit, Techy) could be
considered the extremes of a continuum of people that
are involved in the process of deploying and using
Python in organisations. We kinda have

class ConferenceAttendee(Suit,Techy):
    def __init__(self,percentSuit,percentTechy):
        self.profile=percentSuit*Suit +     

Marc has made the point that Python has made some
inroads into areas where percentTechy is high, and the
momentum is on the rise there (maybe not as much as we
would like). Now, we may not yet be able to present a
conference where the percentSuit factor is high, but
to make inroads into that group, we need to be looking
to market the conference not only at those with a
strong technical interest, but also at those whose
percentSuit factor is, say, 50%. These are project
managers and other decision makers who block/unblock
the choice of tools to be deployed in organisations;
they need to be comfortable with the risks involved in
deploying this (to them) new technology.

While it is expected that such attendees may find the
Python and Business Track the most appropriate, the
overall style of the presentation of the whole
conference (logos, professionalism, etc) could have a
significant bearing on them even thinking about
coming. And, FWIW I think how we're getting on to date
is just fine overall in this regard. :-). Good work!

I just wanted to raise to a level of consciousness who
we may need to be targetting to get more Python
adopted .... without, of course, alienating those
technical gurus (ie those with a high percentTechy
profile) among the attendees, who would be the ones
who will have the jobs created by those with a more
equal Suit/Techy mix.

I think that it is broadly with this in mind,
implicitly, that we've had the discussions about the
type of logo and merchandising. I just thought I'd
make it more explicit. I'll go away now .... :-)



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