AW: [EuroPython] Budget Team: Association (EEIG / EWIV) Links

Philippe Jadin
Thu, 21 Feb 2002 13:31:47 +0100

Andrew Smart wrote:

>>I asked my girlfriend about this (she studied "law" here in Belgium -
>>isn't it nice ? :)
>Hmm... can she does us a favor und tell you something about
>non-profit-organisations (how to found them...) in Belgium?
I guess the best person to ask is someone from P3B, because they already 
made this (the differences between the theory and the real world are 
sometimes "huge"). In short think you need to publish "status" (a 
founding text) to the "moniteur" (a paper where a lot of legal things 
are published). she's not there atm, so I can't tell more.

We should really find someone who already made this kind of foundation 
(either a belgian nonprofit, even better a EU nonprofit), and ask him 
how hard it was / how many time it took...

>And is the "international organisation with Belgium law in mind" the Belgium
>equivalent to the EU EEIG?
I'll ask her :)


(but as we all know, everything EU related seems a bit hard to 
understand currently, so imvho we'll probably have to go for the local 
thingy first)

>>/me wonders if it really helps
>Of course!