AW: [EuroPython] To all mail list members: what's your opinion?

Andrew Smart
Thu, 21 Feb 2002 13:48:10 +0100

> Why not have the local university be the official organiser?  Creating
> some sort of foundation just for a conference seems a bit overkill to
> me, especially if it is based in Belgium only (what, if the conference
> takes part in Germany next year?).

We HAVE the support of the city of chareloi but I know nothing about the

A EEIG structure can act europ-wide... Say a "Europe Python & Zope
Conference Organisation Association" with the aim of "supporting and
organizing europe-wide Python and Zope conferences..." Hey, I don't want to
start a discussion about the conference or association titel ("Python" or
"Python and Zope", "conferences" or "events"...). Just grab the idea behind
it, please...

> Well, the conference was not my idea, so I will support whatever
> you guys come out with.  I am surely willing to become a member
> and so is my company.  But then the context should me wider than
> just the conference, maybe a "European Python Developers Association".

No problem with that, we may also found something like that.
If we choose one of the "easy-going" types where no big paper-hassle is
necessary when we can easily found a DevAssociation... But the HAVE to get
the thing going...

> I can always act as your swiss representative, if that helps.

I added you to the PossibleMembers page, thanks for your support.