[EuroPython] EuroPython Legal Structure

Denis spirou@p3b.org
Thu, 21 Feb 2002 20:00:02 +0100

 Hi all,

 (First of all, I have to warn that I tried to send a message with
 the same content this morning, message that is still in the queue
 of my MTA since I've problems with my ISP for the moment. I ran here
 and there during this afternoon to have my connection back, but it
 doesn't seem to work though my hated ISP told me it was reestablished.
 So, you probably see another message like this one coming on the list
 in a few minutes, hours or days depending on my ISP celerity to solve
 You seem to say you would like more information on Belgian association
 structures with those requirements :
 - non-profit organization
 - Charleroi (or at least Belgian) based
 - with a quickly efficient bank account.

 I already told you about A.S.B.L. (association sans but lucratif)
 That's the most common type of association for such circumstances.
 It's pretty official : it has to be registered in the "Laws Book"
 (what we call "Le Moniteur Belge"). The drawback is that it could take
 some time to be up and running.

 There is another possibility : "l'association de fait".
 Yes it can be very quick, but it's not as credible in front of
 institutionnal entities. You just have to be a bunch of friends to do
 it, but your interlocutors will know that, so they generally find it 

 Do you really need more details ?
 I guess belgian legislation is not very different from other european
 countries one.
 Now, what I want you to answer is :
 *For_the_moment*, do we have to create a new association in a hurry ?
 Do we have time to spend/waste with that *now* ?
 Shouldn't we use existing structures as I proposed a few days ago ?
 Didn't you notice the proposition ? (I haven't seen someone saying
 "no, because ...")
 What disadvantages would you see in this alternative ?

 Beside my ISP problem, I don't post as often as you seem to want me
 to post, because I don't really see what I could add to my previous
 mails. I've been very busy these days, if not on the list, well in
 the "real world". I keep getting local contacts :
 - I can't get a written confirmation of Charleroi authorities support
   so, let me tell you that I can't be quiet about that.
   (The CEME admin's have phoned me today to ask if we were
   still willing the building !)
   I'm trying to reach the right persons, but it's pittyfully difficult.
 - Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday there were different Free
   Software meetings (FOSDEM for those who know, and other ones
   initiated by Nicolas Pettiaux), meetings during which I've met lots
   of people that could help us : possible sponsors, TV people, Belgian
   LUGs, politics, ...
   I've no visit card anymore.
 I swear I've been spending hours for our Python (and Zope) Conference,
 don't ask me to spend more time telling you about belgian laws on
 associations/societies. I founded 2 ASBL last year, so I know how to do
 it, but I also know it can be time consuming.
 If you want a brand new EuroPython structure before doing anything
 else, contact Daniel Quintart : he is a professionnal jurist and 
 he has much sympathy for the Free-Software community. Because of my
 ISP problem, I can't reach my address book from here, but  Nicolas has
 his mail address too.
 Also ask everyone who's willing to pay for it and send him the money.
 Back soon, with better news I hope.