[EuroPython] Conference spirit [Was: What about this logo ???]

Denis spirou@colnet.carolo.net
Sat, 23 Feb 2002 04:24:18 +0100

Le Wed, Feb 20, 2002 at 05:21:53PM +0100, Marc Balmer pianota:
> Those customers will definitely not take for serious a hacker style guy
> wearing a Python cap and a cool T-shirt, whatsoever hes/her knowledge
> may be.  Switzerland is conservative.  To do business and to be taken
> for serious, you wear a suit.  Stupid, but so it is.  And I am talking 
> about business ($$$), not some freaky, underpaid short time project.
> And I hope thats a focus of EuroPython as well.

Should we expurge Python books : rewriting all "spam" with "stock" too ?
Should we ask Guido to wear a suit when playing the top-model ?
What about EuroPython 2003 in Liechtenstein ?

Will you all forget about CP4E too ? 

I guess I'll stay a freaky underpaid guy.


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