[EuroPython] europython web developers

Philippe Jadin all@123piano.com
Sun, 24 Feb 2002 21:29:15 +0100

Tom Deprez wrote:

>   Introduction
>   Press-Release
>    Map
>    How to get there
>    Transport means
>    Pleasure
>    (of papers, tutorials, code)
>Conference Track
>    Time Table
>    Python Track
>    Zope Track
>    Tutorials
>    BoF
>    Code contents
>Hotel Information
>Conference Committee
>    Legal body
>    Contact Persons
>    How to sponsor
>    Different Sponsors
>Please, give some feedback
Maybe also a news page, with the latest news entries shown on the front page

>What about the different languages? How will we handle this? eg the
>Should we have to make the site full multi-langual? I think English is good
>enough for most of the site.
we could use some naming scheme, like content_en, content_fr , 
content_de (or use some "language" property), then a python script would 
give the available language for the current page, and the user could 
choose it's prefered languages ?

or we could do it the right way and use some products that handle 
internationalization? It's probably not worth spending too much time 
though, because...

>Do we even have the manpower to make it fully multi-langual?
I don't know :)

>Regards, Tom.