[EuroPython] Track Length (paper/tutorial submission form)

Laura Creighton lac@strakt.com
Thu, 28 Feb 2002 11:42:41 +0100

> Denis Fr=E8re wrote:
> > Good question.
> > Will we want sandwiches, buffet, warm restaurant-like meal ?

Warm restaurant-like meals for 400 people with varying dietary
restrictions is a nightmare.  I cook regularily for a conference
of about 75 people -- this is about the limit for what you can do
without hiring professional cooks, which I assume we do not want
because it is expensive.

The most important thing I know of when it comes to food is to buy
good fresh bread.  If your bread is no good then everybody hates the
food (except possibly the desert).  People can actually be happy with
nothing but fresh baked bread and hard cheeses -- they say 'it was just =

sandwiches, but it tasted good'.  If your bread is stale or simply bad
you will never hear the end of it.  How lousy the bread was at IPC 10, =

and in the US in general is _still_ a topic of conversation around
here.  The consensus is that the food at IPC 10 set new records in =

foulness, beating even Swedish state provided school lunches of 30 years =

ago, which is no mean feat.

It is better to have no wine than to run out.

Hackers, collectively drink more softdrinks than the average,
but some drink no softdrinks at all.

Laura Creighton=