[EuroPython] Any News ?

Stefane Fermigier sf@fermigier.com
Tue, 29 Jan 2002 14:12:03 +0100

On Tue, Jan 29, 2002 at 01:55:15PM +0100, M.-A. Lemburg wrote:
> I was wondering what happened to the EuroPython effort... ?
> The conference date is only a few months away, so we should
> start thinking about announcing the conference, setting up the
> web-site, finding accomodations, etc. The financial aspects
> are also important e.g. how high will the conference costs
> be ?
> We should start looking into these things soon in order to
> be able to find speakers and people willing to do tutorials,
> BOFs etc.
> We need to get the word out, otherwise, noone will show up
> in Charleroi :-/

Here are the notes I took during the meeting. I didn't see the "official"
ones on this list but I may have overlooked.

Hope that helps.



Zope/Python conference in Charleroi:=20

  Stress on the Python side, Zope will follow (?)
  -> separate press releases ?

General commitee:
  Who: Martijn Faassen, Joachim Schmitz, Denis Fr=E8re, Nicolas Pettiaux
    Project coordinationors (DF + GC): should keep track of who has done
    what along the plan
    Make a PR
    Print a flyer
    MF: ask Paul Everitt / GvR to talk about the EP conference during IPC=
    Find a professional event organizer (price: 1 man-month =3D 3500 Euro=

Conference program commitee=20
  Who: Stefane Fermigier, Stephan Richter?, MF
    Define who does what
    Make contacts for talks, organize tracks, plan posters
    Organize keynotes
    Contact people like Guido van Rossum, Marc-Andre Lembourg, Martin von
    Loewis, Andy Robinson, PythonLabs...

  How do people pay ?

Legal organizer:
  P3B ?
  EuroZope ?
  Ask a legal counsel (Daniel Quintart) ?

Finance: NP
  Find sponsors
  Manage accounting
  Make a budget
  Evaluate number of participants
  Pay for VIP, invited speakers

Contact press:
  Invite TV, computer magazines, journals, radio
  Inform potential participants (on existing mailing lists)
  Make news site

  Print t-shirts (ask Just von Rossum)
  Print posters
  Print program

Exhibition ?
  Commercial stands for companies (are there any candidates ?)
  Non-commercial stands

Logistics (local =3D DF + P3B + OS3B):
  Social events
  Places to stay
  Public transportation
  Technical support (overhead projectors)
  Internet connectivity
  Laptop room

Technical support:
  Web site (europython.org and eurozope.org already exist)

Time schedule:
  Setup a form for presentation and communication
  Call for papers at the beginning of january

    First announcement

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