[EuroPython] Any News ?

Nicolas Pettiaux nicolas.pettiaux@openbe.org
Tue, 29 Jan 2002 21:56:09 +0100

> > I suppose, the flyer won't make to IPC10 though ... which is sad.

I'll try to make something up. Unfortunaltely, the web site will not be r=
by then but ... Martijn has been working to have europython.org pointing =
to a=20
site hosted on zope in the Netherlands, on which I will have the=20
adminsitrator rights.

There was a meeting in Charleroi last month (Dec 22, 2002) where the subj=
of the europython/zope conference (date: june 26, 27, 28 2002 if I rememb=
well and place: CEME, Charleroi that is Brussels South) was debated, and=20
there after, the one who worked and succeeded most to get the ball rollin=
Denis Fr=E8re, the guy behind Aragne, has been sick.

Martijn Faasen and myself will back Denis up, but we wanted to give Denis=
the opportunity to announce himself the success he already had.=20

Please not here that Denis has worked a lot to have the backing of the pu=
authorities in Charleroi, and the he has had much success: they are provi=
the conference place and much direct support.

> If someone can get the flyer to me by the end of this week, we can prin=
> up a hundred and pass them out.  The problems, of course, involved
> making the decision that define what goes on the flyer, and then
> designing the flyer.

I will try to design the basis of the flyer and make a proposal that will=
have to be adapted/corrected but that will, at least, help to give the pe=
a good idea about the conference.

Most of the basic decisions (where, how, what - general subjects -) have =
decided in Charleroi and within the small group around Denis and Martijn.

We will communicate very soon.

Please not that we shall need help very soon to go further (especially so=
technical help with Python and zope as I am not yet proficient enough ...=

Please contact me if you can give any help and assistance and idea.

Best regards,


> >>    MF: ask Paul Everitt / GvR to talk about the EP conference during
> >> IPC10
> >
> > This and other "get the word out" activities should be top
> > priority, IMHO.
> When you have the basics decided upon, let me know.  If you could come
> up with a URL with the up-to-the-date info, then we can pass that info
> around.
> --Paul
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