[EuroPython] Re: how are you doing?

Denis spirou@colnet.carolo.net
Thu, 31 Jan 2002 10:26:24 +0100

Le Fri, Jan 25, 2002 at 01:33:56PM +0100, Martijn Faassen pianota:
> Denis wrote:
> > Le Thu, Jan 17, 2002 at 09:53:13PM +0100, Martijn Faassen pianota:
> I'm just very happy you're back. :)

I confirm I'm back, but with lots of pending todos ... :-(

> We really need to start moving on the press release issue, before the
> Python conference happens.

OK. I got some very fresh news (yesterday) :

- Charleroi authorities have repeated they will support the meeting.
  But there is 2 little 'drawbacks' about the CEME (the building)
  1. it will be only 'partly' free (don't know yet what they mean with
  2. we can use it wednesday 26 and thursday 27 the whole day, and
     friday 28 morning (we must leave before 13h00).

  I think it doesn't matter too much. For the first point, we can find
  other sponsors (I've found one, already) and for the second point, we
  can find a place to spend the afternoon (perhaps have a midday meal in
  a nice place where we could stay on the afternoon and have some kind
  of less formal discussions).

I propose we don't change our plans, we'll manage to make it roll
smoothly whatever the circumstances may be.

So, let's start to publicize the conference ; we know the place and the
dates : that's enough for a first announcement. It would be nice if we
could have a few 'glowing' names as orators from now on.

We can quickly (before this monday) have a webpage online with the first
details. If www.europython.org is available, that's good. For us, we'll
set up some pages at the URL http://europython.p3b.org that will have
links to the official pages.

If some of you are attending IPC10 (I won't), it shoudn't be impossible
to have a few flyers printed to go there, nice or less nice. 
I'm sure you all have a good printer :-)

So, there's no big changes :
when : June 26th, 27th, 28th
where : Charleroi, Belgium (Brussels-South) CEME 
        see http://www.ceme.be for details
what : First Euro-Python meeting with the best orators
url : either europython.org or europython.p3b.org (or both)

What do you need to know urgently I've forgotten to say ?

All good initiatives are welcome.



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