[EuroPython] Conference reviews and reports

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Mon, 01 Jul 2002 14:35:16 +0200

Michael Hudson wrote:
> "M.-A. Lemburg" <mal@lemburg.com> writes:
>>We would like to compile a conference report for the EuroPython 2002
>>If anyone of you has writing skills, we'd like to encourage you
>>to submit conference reviews and/or reports, so that we can use
>>them in the report and also put them online for others to read
>>(these reports are usually quite popular, so expect many readers).
> I have a moderately large set of notes I took.  They're pretty
> informal and somewhat subjective.  What do you want me to do with
> them?  Oh hang on, they're here:
>     http://starship.python.net/crew/mwh/europython.html
> If you want to put them on EuroPython.org that's fine by me.

They are a bit unstructured to use on the web-site, but contain
some interesting views ;-)

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