[EuroPython] Presentations online

Nicola Larosa nico@tekNico.net
Wed, 12 Jun 2002 16:33:02 +0200

Sorry for the flame, I'm not really in the organization, I just translated 
the press release to Italian, and am paying to come to Charleroi, but I'm 
feeling rebellious. :^)

> To end this discussion:
 > ...
 > Please, no more discussions about this.

Sorry, can't comply. *You* better avoid trying to censor anyone.

> We have decided to make the pages only available to site managers.

For the record, "We" being who?

I made a count of opinions on the matter.

The Soviet bureaucrats, "don't give away the goods too soon" bean-counters 
are (in order of appearence):

M. A. "Breznev" Lemburg
Dinu Gherman
Godefroid Chapelle
Joachim Schmitz

The Free Software philosophers, "we do it for the people" face-to-face 
cravers are:

Nicolas Chauvat
Laura Creighton ("+1000"? "You lucky dog"? I like this gal! ;^) )
Alex Martelli
Nicola Larosa (you guessed it)

*** LATEST NEWS: Dinu Gherman is going to the other side! ***

The poor sod caught in the middle of all this is:

Tom Deprez

(By the way, Tom, I really appreciate all the work you're putting into this.)

So, it looks like there isn't all that consensus yet, right? Let's put it 
more clearly: what makes you think you three are right, while at least four 
people are wrong, and telling us to just shut up?!? Come on, please!

(Now, where the heck did I put that asbesto suite I bought for Python 

"Too much cleverness in the parser can turn against you."
   Guido Van Rossum

Nicola Larosa - nico@tekNico.net