[EuroPython] URGENT: Track Chairmen: Talk Database

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Tue, 18 Jun 2002 15:25:54 +0200

To all track chairmen,

please update the talk database and esp. clean up the time entries.
Some talks still have a 0:00 time scheduled. These won't be printed
in the brochure, so you better assign some rough estimates to the
talks today.

Some other things to clean up:

* make sure that all bios are in the database (duplicate ones
   that are missing; each talks *has* to have a bio attached to it)

* the bios shouldn't be too long -- it looks strange when the
   bio is much longer than the talk description

* please spell check the description and bios

We have decided to use the following room assignments:

           o day1: slot1 = C, slot2 = B, slot3 = A
           o day2: slot1 = A, slot2 = C, slot3 = B
           o day3: slot1 = B, slot2 = A, slot3 = C

A = auditorium
B, C = multi-purpose room

Slots as given in Tom's nice graphics:


If the room field is not set for your talks, please update
these as well.

Note that this is the last chance to make updates, since the
data will then go directly into the brochure tomorrow

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