[EuroPython] Conference brochure draft for review

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Wed, 19 Jun 2002 22:41:51 +0200

Andy Robinson wrote:
> OK everyone, that's a ton of great feedback :-)  I must
> publicly thank John Precedo, my colleague who did 90%
> of this and who isn't on the list (or at the conference).
> One general remark about size:  I think the emerging idea
> is to have the fullest possible brochure, for people to
> print off at home before leaving and read it on the plane.
> We can't expect the organisers to print 250 x 50 pages.
> It would be really good if most people could print TWO
> copies and be ready to drop one in a box at reception
> for anyone who forgot - fault tolerant distributed 
> printing architecture etc. etc.
> If we have text amends to any of the talk details or
> the interviews, can we arrange to fix them ON THE WEB SITE
> so we just pull the test down?  
>>From our viewpoint we'd like to be told "all amends to
> talks are in place" or "interview X is now proofread".
> I don't know how best to organize this - does anyone
> have time to help today (only)?

I just received a big round of edits for the talks from Tim
Couper and would like to add them tomorrow (Thursday) to the
talk database.

Sorry about the delays, but we are just *very* busy these

> I think tomorrow we'll aim to just pull down all the latest
> source text and talks again, whatever state it's in,
> and go with that.

I think I already posted corrections for what Paul proposed.
Apart from these, I think we're pretty much set.

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