[EuroPython] brochure feedback

Martijn Faassen faassen@vet.uu.nl
Wed, 19 Jun 2002 23:55:52 +0200

Hi there,

Some feedback, sorry if there are duplicates:

  * this one is amusing; Stephan Richter's been working for Infrae on some
    reportlab system, and today had some frustrations with ampersands (&)
    inside table of contents, and here I see his interview is in the TOC as:

      Interview with Steve Alexander Stephan Richter

   with a missing & in there. I believe in our case it has something to
   do with multiple passes over the same XML content or something.

 * The empty room B on the program list looks a bit ugly and empty, 
   and we have a full program. :) Also the keynotes are a bit hard
   to notice, being bunched together small at the bottom, though perhaps
   that is better on paper.

 * the tutorials (both Python and Zope) seem to be stuck somewhere in the
   middle of the talk listings; the Zope tutorial is even listed at the
   end of all the talks. These actually happen on day 1 and kick off the
   conference (which people can of course see in the program, but 
   they still may get confused). Strangely enough lightning talks, which
   top off the conference on day 2 along with the Bofs are listed right
   up with the keynotes to start off things. Oh, I see now it's alphabetic,
   which does make some sense. Not a big deal, I guess, 
   though semi-chronological order seems better to me (so then on day 2
   I'd go to the section for day 2 and ignore the one for day 1, which is
   over anyway).

 * I like the interviews a lot, but they do take up almost half of
   the brochure. If the idea is that people are going to print this themselves,
   we should include a more lightweight version of the PDF without 
   all this information. But perhaps this is not the idea..