[EuroPython] Revised brochures available

Andy Robinson andy@reportlab.com
Fri, 21 Jun 2002 08:06:46 +0100

Two revised versions of the brochure are now up at
  http://www.reportlab.com/demos/epc/brochure.pdf  (46pp, 1.9Mb)
  http://www.reportlab.com/demos/epc/brochure_minimal.pdf  (14pp, 1.6Mb)

These are based on the talks database just now, but I don't
know whether editors have finished.  Layout should be considered
final.  The Aragne add has been corrected.  Robin Becker is 
still working on a dynamic version (filter out tracks and 
interviews yourself) but we'll keep the above two variants
up to date and there.

For the really curious the brochure size almost all due
to the bitmap rather than vector elements.  
  just 100kb for all talks and associated content
  500k front cover (the nice bitmap ads down the bottom)
  500k Mr. Heracles' face in his advert
  300k floorplan
  250k Orbiteam ad
  ...and so on.
However, we are not going to uglify anybody's adverts
to reduce the size, as presumably everyone wants a nice
printed document.

Best Regards,

Andy Robinson