[EuroPython] Revised brochures available

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Fri, 21 Jun 2002 14:18:47 +0200

Nicolas Chauvat wrote:
> On Fri, 21 Jun 2002, Andy Robinson wrote:
>>  http://www.reportlab.com/demos/epc/brochure_minimal.pdf  (14pp, 1.6Mb)
> I just discovered the "EuroPython Organization Team" on Page 4, which is
> *very* different from what it was yesterday and want this list to know
> that I'm not happy about it.
> Reading this page it appears that the conference was organized by three
> people only, with some other people helping from time to time.
> I think this is just being unfair to loads of people that participated.
> Paul Everitt's name is barely cited whereas he helped from the beginning,
> Stefane Fermigier disappeared completely whereas he contacted many people
> and sent press releases, Martijn got only cited as "initial idea" whereas
> he spent a lot of time working on this, ec. I don't even recall the names
> of all the people that contributed.

Uhm, I don't understand: we contacted you and Martijn about the
text to put on that page. Both of you gave the OK. The only change
on the page since Monday was to add you two to the page and to
indent the bios.

We also asked for a more complete list of people to give credits to.
The list you see in the brochure is what we've compiled during the
last week.

> Yes, the three people from the "Executive Committee" did a lot of work,
> probably more than the other people did and without them, the conference
> would not have happened.
> BUT, without the other people, nothing would have happened either, hence I
> see no reason for having such a huge difference in the credits page. And I
> don't see any reason to have one's bio in the credits page anyway.

The bios are *not* there to show off or give an expression of
"these guys are EuroPython".

The reason for putting them there is
that we want to attract sponsors and investors for the upcoming
events and for this you need to create confidence for them to
invest in the organization. The intent is to put persons
behind names, so that potential sponsors and investors know
that they are investing into a professional and working

> I can't speak for the others, but I know that *I* spent around 40 full
> days since february working on europython (tracks, website, organizing
> wiki, doing press release, participating to irc sessions, etc.). When the
> executive committee was formed, I thought "good, some decisions about
> budget and how to arrange rooms, etc, were taking to long, this will ease
> things and more people discussing this issues wouldn't make it better
> anyway".
> If the purpose of that "committee" was to get one's name as "The
> conference organizer", that's just sad. I want to believe that I am
> mistaken and that will be quickly solved by reverting to some humbler
> credits page, if I am not, I'll have learned more about the people I
> worked with for the past four months.

The only purpose of the executive committee was to get this
event happening. I would be very sad if that idea would now
be dragged into the dirt.

> Python and the Python businesses are so small that I always thought that
> it was obvious from the very beginning that the whole purpose of the
> conference was to make the pie bigger for everyone to get a bigger slice
> (or as Paul says "10x is the goal"), not to let some of us increase their
> own visibility helped by the work of the others.

I find that a sad way to view things.

If you want a different text next to your name, then please
send it in. If you have other suggestions, please tell us.

Note that the brochure has been public since Monday. Today
is Friday. There was enough time for criticism and improvement

We cannot fiddle with the brochure until the very
end: people will have to download and print if *before* the
conference. We are already very late with the brochure
and any changes we make now will only result in further

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